Timbarra P-9 College is committed to a traffic safety education program for students by including Bike Education as a core component of the school’s Health and Physical Education curriculum. The program aims to improve riding skills as well as reinforce traffic safety. All sessions are run at our school by our PE Staff; Mr Ciccarelli & Mr Andrews.

Session Dates
Each class will participate in 3 sessions. The sessions will occur during their normal PE time on Friday (weeks 4, 6 & 8)

We understand that at Grade Prep there may be a large skill discrepancy amongst students. We are use to working with a range of ability levels and hope that by starting this program in Foundation students develop their riding confidence at an early age. Students are welcome to use balance bikes or a bike with training wheels.

Ideally students should be using their own bikes and helmets which are already suited to their body size. We therefore strongly encourage children to bring their own bike. For your child’s safety we need to ensure that our school is complying with and fulfilling all DET and legal requirements. Therefore if you wish for your child to use their own bike and helmet they will need to bring both their bike and helmet to their first timetabled session. We will inspect all bikes before the first session and if it meets the criteria, they can use their own bike for all sessions. Please note that your child’s bike and / or helmet may require repairs or adjustments before they can be approved for use in the program. Also bikes will need to be collected at the end of each day as the school does not have the facilities to store bikes overnight.

We do understand however that it may be impossible for all the students and their families to get their bikes to school for Bike Ed. Fortunately the City of Casey has donated a number of small bikes (16 inch) to our College for use during our Bike Ed program. We have a number of bikes with training wheels as well.

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