Our College values developing the whole child and we provide learning opportunities to foster student’s curiosity, resilience, creativity and confidence. At Timbarra College P-9 we support every child to reach their potential by fostering a love of Literacy and Numeracy and actively encourage students to investigate the world around them, through developing practical skills and knowledge in technology. Wellbeing programs form an essential part of our teaching and learning program, where we explicitly teach and demonstrate pro-social values such as kindness, tolerance, co-operation, persistence and respect. We guide students in identifying their own learning styles and to use their voice and agency.

We are proud that our students are confident, adaptable, sensitive and resilient. An excellent education is the best gift we can give your child. At Timbarra College P-9 ‘we are the difference’.

At Timbarra College P-9, every child matters, every day.

Timbarra College P-9 has an extensive transition program for our future Prep students and their families. There are several opportunities for students to attend the College in the lead up to beginning their educational journey.

Parent Information Session and College Tour