Timbarra College p-9 is located in the South Eastern suburb of Berwick, in the City of Casey, within metropolitan Melbourne. A total of 568 students are enrolled at the College, with 359 in the Primary and 209 in the Secondary.

Timbarra offers specialist programs in the primary area in Performing Arts (Champion School for the Musical Futures Program), Visual Arts, STEM and Physical Education. In addition to core curriculum areas, Timbarra offers secondary students many co-curricular opportunities, particularly in sport, science and music. The Year 9 Electives program provides students with a wide variety of student choice, catering for different learning styles and personal interests. Timbarra provides a unique Year 9 Melbourne Experience program, an extensive Careers and Transition Program, job skills workshops and individual pathway guidance for students in their transition from Timbarra College P-9 to their next educational setting.

All students have access to state of the art including a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Centre, Music, Food Technology and Media facilities as well as a Sporting Hub including a three-court basketball stadium, full sized oval and cricket nets. We offer an extensive range of technology including the Musical Futures Program (Years 5-9), a 1:1 Year 7-9 netbook program, netbook pods situated in all Learning Neighborhoods, iPads, Media Centre equipped with iMac computers, green room (filming) and podcast facilities. Timbarra offers a College Academy Program for students in Years 5-9 in Sport (Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Martial Arts and AFL), Music (Young Warriors) and STEM.

Timbarra College P-9 offers a Prep - Year 9 sequential program in Literacy and Numeracy with a strong emphasis on student voice and differentiation across all levels of the College. Timbarra provides enrichment/support and extra curricula programs including the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) Program for Primary students and the Victorian High Achievers Program (Literacy/Numeracy).

The College’s Instructional Model ensures that all teaching staff follow an Explicit Teaching Model with an emphasis on student choice, SMART goal setting and differentiation to accommodate the needs of all students. Our Inquiry Based units of work promote the development of high order thinking skills, incorporating student’s personal interests. The College has implemented Professional Learning Communities across the school.

Timbarra College P-9 strives to develop resilient independent learners and takes pride in promoting positive and respectful relationships for all members of the school community. The College promotes a positive learning environment supporting the growth of each individual with an emphasis on student voice and agency and is committed to continually improving educational programs, facilities and resources for the benefit of all students.

We believe "We are the difference."