Cassandra Marinopoulos, Principal

A very warm welcome to Timbarra College P-9. We have carefully built a school culture that demonstrates a strong belief in and a commitment to providing a safe, secure and enriched learning environment for all our students.

The school’s values are underpinned by the Department of Education’s philosophy: ‘We support students to reach their potential, regardless of their background or circumstance, and to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to participate and thrive in a complex economy and society’.

Timbarra College P-9 creates a sense of belonging, achievement and actively promotes optimism, creativity, curiosity and responsibility. Our College values the home/school partnership as a means of promoting a culture of lifelong learning. Our young people are our leaders of tomorrow, an excellent education is the best gift we can give them. Timbarra College P-9 offers an education to help develop your whole child and that is why 'We are the Difference'.

We have a clear focus on catering for a diverse range of students at their point of need. Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry-Based Learning are documented to support whole school implementation of programs. While building on student growth we develop leadership within the school in a positive learning environment. Timbarra College’s values are at the centre of all the work within the School Learning Community, ensuring a safe, orderly and inclusive environment for all students.

I am sure your child will enjoy a successful and memorable time at Timbarra College P-9 and I look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the school.

Cassandra Marinopoulos