Wellbeing Support Leader

The Student Wellbeing Support Leader facilitates both internal and external support programs for students across the college. The Wellbeing Support Leader is responsible for overseeing the general progress and wellbeing of students at the relevant level. To support this, the Wellbeing Leader works with students, staff and parents to initiate and enable opportunities for student wellbeing and personal growth while supporting students to achieve their academic, social and emotional potential.

Clinical Psychologist

Our clinical psychologist attends the College once a week. Students are referred to the psychologist by the Wellbeing Team. The Psychologist works with students confidentially to assess, diagnose, formulate, and psychological treat mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders students may have.

PSD Coordinator

The PSD Coordinator oversees all PSD students at our College. Eligible students are provided with support from our Educational Support staff in classes deemed necessary. The PSD Coordinator facilitates all IEP and the various learning support programs the students may require.

Mental Health Practitioner

The mental health practitioner attends the College once a week to work with selected students. The practitioner provides wellbeing-focused psychologically informed interventions for students and coordinates care plans for mental health problems. Students are referred to the service by the Wellbeing Team.