Primary Booklist 2024

All classroom materials and supplies for students in Prep - Year 6 can be purchase through Paperchase before the commencement of each school year. Alternatively, items can be sourced privately through businesses or be retained from previous years.

It is a compulsory requirement that all students have the required materials for optimal learning experiences.

Click the link below to view the current Primary Booklists for each year level.

Foundation 2024 Booklist

Year 1 2024 Booklist

Year 2 2024 Booklist

Year 3 2024 Booklist

Year 4 2024 Booklist

Year 5 2024 Booklist

Year 6 2024 Booklist

Secondary Booklist 2024

Textbooks and supplies for Year 7-9 students can be purchased through Campion prior to the school year commencing. All class learning materials outlined on the current booklist are compulsory and must be purchased. For all instructions on how to order resources online click here.

At the end of each year, limited second hand text books maybe available for purchase.

Click the below to view the current Secondary Booklists.

Year 7 2024 Booklist

Year 8 2024 Booklist

Year 9 2024 Booklist