The STEM Academy at Timbarra College P-9 provides participation in an integrated and developmentally appropriate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program for students in Year 7-9. Students who have been identified as having special interests and a commitment to building their academic capacity will have access to learning opportunities that challenge and extend learning in areas of STEM.

STEM opportunities
Students who enter the STEM Academy will:

  • Be allocated to a specialised STEM Academy homeroom for all classes
  • Undertake 3 hours of integrated STEM sessions per week.
  • Experience lessons that incorporate cutting-edge technology and specialist programs that focus on problem-solving, design-thinking and creative solutions.
  • Have the opportunity to engage and work with industry experts including Casey Tech School.
  • Have the opportunity to design, build and test their own innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Students in the STEM Academy will be encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular activities available in the college. This may include participation in the Sports Academy, Music Academy, instrumental music, sporting teams, art shows and leadership opportunities.

STEM Academy Expression of Interest

Selection into the STEM Academy

All students enrolling into Year 7 at Timbarra P-9 College will be offered the opportunity to apply for a position in the STEM Academy. This Expression Of Interest Form must be completed by both parents/carer and the student online the year prior to commencing Year 7.

The selection process will be informed by:

  • Student’s most recent school report
  • Student’s Personal Statement
  • Recommendations by teachers
  • An interview could be required

Expectations and requirements to remain in the STEM Academy Program

  • Uphold Timbarra’s core values of learning resilience, persistence, respect and getting along.
  • Remain committed to completing all STEM Academy projects undertaken in the program.
  • Attend required incursions or excursions as stipulated for the projects.
  • Participants in the STEM Academy Program who choose to undertake the decision to exit the program will be placed into a mainstream class of the College.

Opting out of the STEM Program

The STEM Academy is a competitive program and students are expected to pursue this program throughout the academic year. It is important that applicants learn about the program requirements and consider their level of interest and commitment to the STEM course of study before submitting an application. A minimum one-year commitment is expected. A student wishing to opt out of the program will be asked to submit a letter, signed by a parent or guardian, stating his/her intentions to withdraw from the program and attend a parent/teacher exit interview.

Please note that all of the information provided within this form is used for the sole purpose of this expression of interest for the Timbarra P-9 College Year 7 STEM Academy.

Student Details

The school the student was enrolled at in the previous school year

Teacher Reference

Parent/Guardian Contact Details

In less than 75 words, explain why you want to be in the Timbarra STEM Academy. In your statement please tell us about your interests, passions and any extra-curricular activities that you do that is related to STEM learning.