As part of their Road Safety Unit, students will be travelling via public transport to the Melbourne Museum where they will attend the Road to Zero exhibit.
Within the exhibit, students get to explore the artefacts in the museum and use the resources from the museum to create their own campaign as part of their Common Assessment Task. Students will have access to data and videos from the TAC which will enable them to create their very own advertisement for the Road to Zero campaign.

We will be departing from Berwick Train station no later than 8:30am and arriving at Parliament Station, before commencing a 10 minute walk along Nicholson Street. There will be 3 sessions for the cohort, with group 1 beginning at 10:15am and group 3 beginning at 10:45am. All students will be finished with their session by 1:00pm latest. We will make our journey home via the same route, aiming to arrive back at Berwick station by 2:30-3pm.
Students will need to be dropped off and collected from Berwick station, unless there is consent prior to the excursion for other stations along the Pakenham line.
Students need to have their own Myki card with at least $15 to travel to and from the city.

Students are required to wear their full school uniform, and pack their own lunch for the day as there is not many options around our location to purchase lunch.

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